Choosing Your Real Estate Battles Wisely

buying a home

Anything that has to do with home is quite a calming experience for most of us. It could be decorating or maybe just shopping for a place to call home. The main reason why most people find it so calming is that there are plenty of ideas to choose from. The best part is that you can do so much with your personal space. You can even be spoiled for options along the way and get confused on what exactly to settle for. What makes it easier is the presence of trained and certified real estate experts. They offer their quality services and unwavering support in every way they can.

Talk to the Experts

All your fears and doubts can be put to sleep once you get in touch with the experts. Consultation is a must especially for those who are looking to settle for the very best homing deals.

It might sound complicated especially for those who have never handled such a big issue. Your residential area speaks volumes about you as an individual. All the more reason for you to get your facts right before making any move.

It gets even better when you have an insatiable thirst and passion for all matters to do with real estate. This is one way of overcoming every obstacle that might present itself. Having experts to hold your hand throughout the journey is what you need.
The end is guaranteed to be a blissful one when all the steps are followed to the letter.

Trustworthy Agents

help from a agentThis is a sensitive matter that should be handled by honest agents. There have been cases of real estate swindlers on the loose. No one wants to fall prey to any of their gimmicks and will work diligently towards avoiding them at all costs.

When you settle for trustworthy real estate agents who take their work seriously, you have nothing to worry about. The likes of Cascais real estate is sure to get you just what you need within the shortest time possible.

Some of them go as far as linking you to companies that are sure to take your real estate dreams to a whole new level. The big secret here is to be in control and know what you want in a good home or apartment.

This way, no one will take you for a ride and leave you high and dry.

Your Budget

cash and bookYour pocket will either feel the pain or the comfort depending on who your preferred real estate agents are. Organize yourself financially first to avoid inconvenience as well as embarrassment.

It would be unreasonable to request an appointment with a broker when it’s clear to see that your pockets are empty. Save up with your partner if you have to as long as you won’t have to start your venture from scratch.

Most importantly, be careful not to overstretch your budget by settling for something that is clearly beyond your budget. Check with a certified consultant before signing on the dotted line. In the long run, you can rest assured that your money is safe.











Benefits of Using a Video Converter

editing on a laptop

There are different video formats. As such, the video format offered by smartphone recording might be different from those captured using a high definition camcorder. Also, downloads from the Internet are shared in various formats, some of which might be compatible with some devices whereas others might not.

woman with a recorder

As much as video files come in different formats, you can always convert them to a form of your liking. The software used in the conversion process is known as a video converter. Besides the ability to convert videos, video converters can be beneficial in many ways. So here are some benefits accrued to using video converter software.

Easy to Use

Technological advances have come with many benefits as fat as digital file management is concerned. One of the main advantages of video converters is that you do not have to be a pro to use it. Most software has a user friend user interface plus you can always rely on the user guides and get the job done. Even better, some applications come with both learner and pro mode versions.

Multiple Format Conversion

Another benefit of investing in a video converter software is the ability to convert videos to different formats. However, the number of features or conversion depends on the software you are using. Thus, working with a premium video converter or a complimentary download app comes with the convenience of processing multiple video file formats.

Cost Benefits

A video converter can help you save lots of money. Downloading a free version or even paying for a premium version saves you the burden of having to hire someone to do a job that you would have comfortably handled. With a few clicks, you can get easily do great work and save a few dollars for other things.


video editingAs long as you are working on your videos, you will always strive to give them your best. Having a video converter provides you the liberty to control what goes in and what comes out. This aspect of control plus the ability to add a personal touch to the video are essential.

A video converter gives you the convenience and power to change the file format of any video. When looking for a software, it is imperative to assess its features and functionality. Going for the best gives you unmatched flexibility and convenience needed to work on your videos.

Insider Tips for Those Using Audible

lots to choose from

If you are an audiobook enthusiast, Audible is just what you need. Within are a huge assortment of books delivered with great perks. You can venture to any location without having to worry over unnecessary interruptions. If you love the format, one of these audiobooks might be convincing. Here are some audible tips and tricks that will ensure you get your investments worth.

Save Money with the Silver Plan

The main plan championed by Audible is the Gold-plan. It costs 15 dollars per month, throws in a single book credit while discounting the other. A first-timer will consider the 15 dollar subscription to be quite substantial until they get the real savings benefits when compiled over a year. If you find the price tag too hefty, opt for the silver plan. The Silver-plan is not advertised directly like the Gold-plan, so you must contact customer care for more details.

Ability to Return Books

Most market audiobooks, cost more than the 15 dollar credit you are entitled to once in a month. This means most people tend to consider it a waste if they arrive at something they do not like. Audible gives the reader the opportunity to return any book outside of their preferences. Any book bought within the past year can be returned. Audible limits this number depending on the number of books purchased. Books that are cheaper during sales can also be returned.

renting books

Add Audible to Your Kindle Books

Using apps like WhisperSync you can synchronize Kindle and Audiobook. This helps the reader pick off where they left off, irrespective of the device in use. Alternatively, this is good for reading and listening. You can install Amazon Matchmaker to check which Kindle books are already in your collection after which you upgrade them into audiobooks. As for anyone browsing for books, Amazon has a section specifically dedicated to Whisper-Sync options.

Maintain an Eye out for Sales

Just like Kindle books you can find great audiobooks on sale. Among them are the regular two-for-one sales, single books among others. Sign up for bargains from the Daily Deal which will save you money. Audible also sends all users emails on top sale options. Other sales run by Audible are listener reward dales which show up occasionally.

Hold up Your Membership

Those with monthly memberships can hold up their subscriptions to three months. This can be done once every year. Alternatively, this is great for those who have not been listening to audiobooks for a while. With your account on hold, you can still buy other books or redeem your credits.

However, you will not be able to accrue new credits. In that regard, if a great sale pops up, take advantage of the situation while saving extra cash. Audible has a customer care team that puts their membership on hold. Others report seeing this option when they cancel their memberships.


Free Channel Listens

Audible has a curated list of audio stories you can listen to with Prime. To see what’s in store, download the Audible app and go to channels.

Is It Possible to Plan a Dream Wedding Party in Less Than Three Months?

white shoes and a light pink flower bucket

We all know that everyone wishes to see themselves in a moment when they finally walk down the aisle to reach the hand of their soulmate. It is a moment of a lifetime as well as a moment to remember. For that reason, many people typically have the strong urge to plan that particular moment way ahead of time to make everything perfect on the actual big day, as they want to reduce even the slightest possibility of any mischief.

However, things can be a little different if you happen to have only less than three months to prepare everything. It is relatively short, compared to the majority of the people who would want to go all over the checklists even a year before the execution. Then, is it even possible to make it happen? To answer that question, there are some considerations about a wedding that you need to understand.

black and white photo of a couple of wedding ring

It Is Not Always the Fancy Ones

We do have our different perspectives concerning what a dream wedding party might look like. Some people will spill their cash to get the best and professional services only, while some other choose to do it in a modest way. Especially when you have relatively short time to prepare the feast, you might need to spend more cash to get the services you need. When that happens, selecting the essential services only and include out the unnecessary things from your lists can be a life-saver.

A Photographer Is a Must

a husband and wife photo session on the beachWhile it is true that a dream party is not always the luxurious and super pricey one, there are several prioritized things that you must put on the list. A photographer is one of them. Such moments of a lifetime is supposed to be the moments to memorize forever. One reason, pictures speak a thousand words. Another reason, photos capture all the joy in that particular moment. You can go for a lower price for the other details, but you should never do that for a photography service.

Make sure that you book the service from the company offering the excellent services only and the one available for duty despite the sudden booking. To meet those standards, some photography companies like Cambridge wedding photographer will make the best choice.

You Can Always Do It at Home

When you think it is entirely impossible to create a magical moment for your celebration at home, especially after you watch those super fancy celebrity weddings on television, you are wrong. With creativity, you can turn your modest residence into the aisle of your dream. Those Pinterest home celebration ideas will be a great helper too.

Steps to Take When Selecting Movers in Salt Lake City

pile of boxes

Hiring movers in Salt Lake is easy, and you only need to consider the steps included in this article. Many moving situations arise from a plan and have a home, or office owners expect the moving company to go along with the plan.

Nevertheless, the thing might not go as planned, and that usually is the source of most of the moving frustration. If you want to be on the safe side, then you would want to follow the steps to successfully hiring movers in Salt Lake City.

Go with a Recommendation

people talkingMovers with recommendations are usually the best, but they are not your only option. You pick them over others because at least you know they did an excellent job to someone else or another company. Thus, you expect them to do an excellent job for you.

Recommendations come in various ways. It would be the portfolio shown by the moving company for its satisfied clients, or it could be a peer telling you about the excellent services received. You would want to consider the nature of the move. Some recommendations come because the company took good care of fragile things. Others come because of logistical arrangements and last minute adjustments. Make sure you are picking because the testimony by past clients appeals to your needs.

Always Screen the Mover

Due diligence is important. After getting your recommendation, you must go online and check for any mentions of the company. You want to check for good or bad reviews because they tell you a lot about what to expect. You also want to know about your risk options.

Companies with accreditation and with the right local licenses give you better protection than those lacking these certifications. Besides, you also want to check the feedback and negotiation options available for the pricing of the company’s moving packages.

Reexamine the Quotes

This step assumes you already narrowed in on two or three companies and asked for a quote for moving. You should offer as many details as possible regarding the physical attributes of your stuff to allow the mover to provide an accurate pricing estimate.

You then want to ensure that there are no hidden charges left out of the agreement or put in the fine print. Most movers tell you that your final cost might be more than the estimate as road, weather, and building conditions might vary. The total time will also affect the cost.

Consider the Equipment and Capabilities of the Mover

brown boxThe last bid is to think about the company moving you and consider its capabilities. You want a mover to handle everything without any difficulties. Thus, you expect them to have vans, trucks, and any other features you need including cranes if there is a bulky, heavy item in the moving list.

The staff should be knowledgeable enough about handling goods, restoring new spaces to match the old ones, and to provide information to clients whenever necessary. There should be a tracking option to give you an idea of where your goods are at any given moment.

Top Hints for Finding the Best Infrared Sauna

infrared sauna

Buying a sauna is a massive investment that requires a lot of research. As you probably know, having a sauna in your home can greatly boost your health. In this post, you will learn some vital tips that can help you make the right decision. It is your duty to find out more about infrared saunas. The following are some of the things to consider:

Dimension and Capacity

saunaUsually, infrared saunas are designed to accommodate up to three persons inside. If you want something larger, then you should be ready to invest in additional heating installation. Thus, it is necessary to consider the number of individuals that will use the sauna. Also, you need to consider the dimensions of the sauna. If it should fit three persons at any given time, then the dimensions should be larger.

Type of Heaters

Nowadays, you can find sauna heaters in mica, ceramic, and carbon. Ensure you choose the best type of heater that suits your budgets and needs. In fact, ceramic heaters are quite inexpensive and can offer you uniform heat distribution. You should note that carbon is a bit expensive but offers uniform heat distribution.

Heating Surface Area

You should choose a sauna with a wide heating surface area. In fact, saunas with wider heating surface have been found to perform better as compared to those with smaller areas. This is because they heat up quickly. It is advisable to take into account the cost in this case.

Build Materials

Ensure you only buy a sauna made of the top building materials. This is necessary if you want to get the most out of the sauna. The most recommended material is cedar wood. Most customers have recommended it through online reviews.

Potential Toxins

wooden saunaThe heat generated by the sauna has the potential of melting the glue that holds the wood together. Thus, it may contain toxic fumes that should not be inhaled. It is a good idea to buy your infrared sauna from top manufacturers. In this way, you can avoid absorbing or inhaling dangerous toxins used in the construction of the sauna.

Heater Covers

The heater covers ought to adequately cover heat sources. This is necessary to ensure it does not come into contact with your skin. Thus, the heaters ought to be covered appropriately before use. Ensure you only get the good types of covers and not just the cheap ones.

The Various Types of Vapes


If you want to enjoy vaping, make sure that you have the right requirements. One of the essential tools you are required to have are the vape tanks. Therefore, you need to select the best tank and enjoy the vaping experience. However, most people face some challenges when making their selection because there are many different types of vape tanks that are available in the market. When buying one, ensure that you make the right decision and consider your likes and preferences.

It is important to note that these tanks are designed in different ways to serve specific functions. Therefore, you need to determine your need before you shop for these tools. By doing this, you will quickly be in a good position of identifying the best type of a vape you need. For instance, discount vapers can explain to you the best kind of a vape tank you need based on your requirements. Here are some of the types of vape tank you are required to know.

Halo reactor shorty

oikuytrdsxcvbnkjmThis is one of the best types of vape tanks that are widely used by most vapers. The Halo Reactor is easy to use, and above all, it is cheap. These are just some of the features that make this tank to be used by most people. Therefore, if you are looking for a vape tank that you can efficiently use or maintain, then this is one of the best solutions to your vaping needs.

Mig vapor

This is another type of vape tank that has hidden gems of vaping. It has a classic design with the compact size. Also, it has smaller coils with a big e-juice port. Most vapers prefer it because it has a large base that accommodates the smooth and colossal airflow. It is essential to consider a vape tank with a big bottom because it makes it easier for one to attach their favorite mods.

Vapor trinity tank

opiuyhtrewsdfghjkThis is another type of vape tank you need to use because it has both the sub-ohm DL vaping and standard MTL vaping. Therefore, if you enjoy these two, you will get them in Vapor trinity tank. This tank is constructed with quality materials, and therefore, all components connect easily and quickly. Also, it is essential to know that this type of a tool is easy to use and even maintain. Also, it has long-lasting coils that define the durability of this vape tank.

Finding A Quality Catering Company


Some events require one to seek the services of a catering company. These events include weddings and many different get together and gatherings. Whenever one is faced with the challenge of feeding people in his home or a big event, it is vital that you seek the services of Corporate Catering PA which is a qualified catering company. You can find most of these companies advertising their services through different media services. When choosing a company that is going to prepare food for your guest, it is essential that you pick a group that has experienced chefs. You should also be clear about the type of food you want them to prepare. Most catering companies have many chefs who are specialized in making different meals, which very advantageous especially when your guest are from different backgrounds. If you are having an event and do not know how to find a catering service company to prepare meals for your guests, then written here are some tips to guide you.

The internet


When you want to find the best companies that are offering catering services, you should start by surfing the internet. In this generation, almost every company is embracing the new ways of advertising their products and services. And the internet has proved to be the best and cheaper way to advertise. This is why you should be able to find a catering company in your city easily.


As you go through different sites on the internet, you may get overwhelmed by the number of companies offering catering services. And to make your choice more straightforward, you need to read reviews. Reviews have become the simplest way for an individual to choose a company that different people have already used and had a positive experience when working with them.


cateringservices12You can also know about different catering companies by asking for referrals from friends and family. If you happen to be around people who are always organizing events, this should be the best people to ask for a referral for your catering needs. Many people especially friends and family are willing to refer you to the best catering company available in the city.

Banners and television

If you are in a new place and cannot get a reference from a friend or family, then you should watch television and read the different banners you are likely to find around the city. Most companies have not abandoned the conventional ways of advertising. And if you pay attention you will find the banners that can help you find the best catering company in town.


Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Best Luggage and Suitcase


Have you been thinking of traveling lately? Nothing is beautiful like successfully planning for that your trip. The thoughts of packing that suitcase and what to carry with you linger in your mind, especially if you are new to this kind of trips. Being a beginner, it really takes time to plan well for what you need to carry for a specific trip. It is, therefore, important to think about choosing the best suitcase from 10 best selling luggage brands. Let us shine some light on different things to consider while choosing the best luggage and suitcase for your day.

Type of trip

LuggageWhat trip will you be taking? Are you out for adventure, business trip or what trip is it? Definitely, various trips will have different demands on the type of luggage you need to carry. The kind of suitcase or bag you need will also vary. For instance, taking a business trip to the hot tropical areas is different from taking one to the North Pole areas. Therefore, it’s important to know where you are traveling to and what kind of activity you will be doing to avoid carrying the wrong luggage.

Choosing the suitable suitcase

Suitcases are classified by the type of materials they are made of; either soft side luggage or hard side luggage. Hardside luggage types are made of hard materials and are good at carrying fragile materials and keeping your clothes in shape than the softsided ones. They are a bit heavier and wouldn’t be the best choice for carrying gifts after a trip as they may pass the weight limit at the plane.

They are suitable when traveling light and on professional work. Soft-sided ones are made of lighter materials and suitable for more rough travel. Though they are not the best for fragile materials, they have more pockets to put extra things during travel, they offer less risk at the airport as they can resist rough storage and weight. This is because they are flexible. Thus, they are suitable for most travels. A good handle with suitable height and good wheels to roll on is also required.

The Airline you will use

airlineDifferent airlines handle different luggage capacities. They also charge differently depending on their weight. Also, their planes have different sizes of overhead compartments, which will determine the size of suitcase enough for this area. It is important then to get this information before you travel so that you don’t get caught in the unexpected.

Pack right

Most beginners face difficulty in packing, yet, this knowledge lets you know how much you need Thus, the type and size of the case. Remember, a bigger bag may take more. Also, packing well involves fitting every space and remembering you will need space for your toiletries is key. Keep them in one pack so that you will pick them without forgetting any of them. Finally, don’t carry what you “might need”. Most of the times, you will never use it.

Maternity Photo Shoot Tips

baby holding mothers baby bump

A maternity photo shoot is essential for every expectant mother. The role of the photo shoot is to help you keep memories of your pregnancy. Preparing for the photo shoot is very important because it will help you take the perfect pictures. It is advisable to take pictures during the third trimester of the pregnancy.

At this stage, the pregnancy will be fully developed, and it will be easy to capture the baby bump. We cannot talk about a pregnancy photo shoot without talking about a baby bump. Here are some tips to remember when preparing for the photo shoot:

Choose A Good Photographer

The first step is to make sure that you choose a good Maternity photographer. You need a photographer who will make you feel comfortable during the photo session.

Pregnancy can be challenging, and the last thing you want is a stressful photo session. Choosing a photographer who is experienced in a maternity photo shoot is an excellent idea so that you can enjoy the session.

couple holding baby shoes

Good Location

Location is everything when going for any photo session and a maternity photo shoot is not any different. The photo shoot location will depend on your needs and preference. It will also depend on how you want to remember your pregnancy.

You can take the photos right from your home because of the comfort. If you are feeling a little bit adventurous, then an outdoor location or photo studios are also excellent. It all depends on your preference.


baby bump photoThe dressing is essential for your maternity photo-shoot. You should choose solid and subtle colored clothes for your photo shoot. Wearing busy prints will drift attention from your baby bump. Your baby bump should be the center of attention at this point.

You can expose the baby bump of you can wear fitting clothes that will accentuate your baby bump. Remember to wear clothes that will keep you comfortable during the photo session.

Include Friends And Family

A maternity photo shoot should not just be about you. Making sure that you involve some friends and family is essential. Having some friends and family will help you to spread the love.

Make sure that all the people who have been involved in your pregnancy journey are part of the photo session. A pregnancy photo shoot is all about keeping memories, and you need to include your loved ones in creating those memories.


The Importance of Wash Enclosures


These days, renting space has become all the more expensive. Plants that need a considerable space are doing all they can to optimize the space that they have. One of the ways of doing this is customizing the space that they already have to do more than just one job. For those in the powder coating industry, they understand the hassle going through several stages before the job is completed.


Traditionally all these jobs would have different compartments for each stage. With the need to capitalize on the space available, these companies have come up with ingenious methods to ensure that each compartment does more than just one task. The traditional methods made use of the linear kind of plants that are connected with conveyor belts. The new plants make use of multistage washers where one stage will be customized to maybe scrap of the old coat then after which the item is the cleaned in the same compartment.

Instead of having fixed parts, you have those that can be easily disconnected, and new parts added so that they can do the next job in line. Anyone thinking of setting power coating plant should seriously consider having the multi-stage washers to capitalize on human labor, space, and time. These are some essential resources that when properly utilized could push your revenue even higher.

These wash enclosure work best with pressure washers or the wand steam generators. Parts are rolled in manually on carts, treated then moved to the next stage. These enclosures are usually best suited for cleaning then phosphatizing the parts as well as decreasing them in readiness for the powder coating stage. The enclosures have stainless steel doors that are vented as well as stainless abatement fans to clear out vapor. All these must be NEMA rated enclosures to ensure that they are environmentally friendly.

Depending on the size of your plant, you may also consider getting a capture tank that will best fit in your plant. These are usually mounted above the ground or on the shop floor; these tanks have a drainage system and a retractable grating to be used as a walking surface. It is good to match every wash enclosure with its own capture tank for maximum performance.

The above are some of the ways to make your power coating plant more efficient. All you need to actualize this is getting a technician who is well versed in the concept of manual wash enclosure so that they can transform your linear washing plant into a more effective multi-stage washer. It is also good you buy the parts from a reputable company to ensure you get nothing short of quality parts.

Doing this will boost the profitability of your business as well as ensure you make great returns on your investment without having to incur more money in renting or buying other spaces.

Steps to hiring the best coach for your trip

If you are planning to travel as a group, coaches make the best means of transport. Modern coaches have been designed to give the travelers luxurious and amazing moments while on board. Some are installed with air conditioners for comfortable temperatures as your travel. A coach might be hired for family trips, wedding, birthdays or business trips. Whatever your need, you must hire the best coach.

Below are tips on how to choose a coach successfully

Number of people traveling

Coaches are in different types and have different carrying capacities. To choose the right bus, therefore, you must be aware of the exact number of people you are taking for the trip. You will get coaches ranging from 8 seaters to 80 seater double decks. The right choice will be made depending on the number of people you have.

Compare between bus companies

There are very many bus companies in the market today. This means different hiring prices and services. For the right selection compare quotes for the bus you want. The advantage with the comparison is that you will be able to get affordable rates. Do not, however, compromise the quality of services and condition of the bus.

Check the fleet

After you are settled on the company, you need to check on their fleet. The best company is the one with a variety of buses to choose from. With options given, you will be able to choose that which suits your needs. Companies with huge fleet categorize the buses making it easy for you to choose. Always use a company that will give you options to choose from.


What are you looking for in a bus? Does the bus you like have a toilet? Does it have an air conditioning system? Entertainment? It is important to check what is provided on the bus, this way you will be able to prepare accordingly.

Ask the prices

Some factors determine the price of a bus. If you want a tour driver, it means more cost. The size of the bus and the number of days you will be using it are other factors considered when pricing. Before you leave, ask about all factors included in the pricing. That way you leave aware of what is expected from you.

Rental policy

Different bus companies have different policies. Seek to know the terms and conditions of use of the particular company you are using. You might find out that some allow items on board, while other companies do not. Be aware of any restrictions before leaving for the trip.


Benefits of taking energy supplements

Irrespective of different job types, we all need the energy to keep us going. Whether you work in an office, or you love going to the gym regularly, energy is needed. The body gets energy from exercise and diet. It is, however, important to get energy from energy supplements. Supplements help us get more energy naturally. Below are some benefits of energy supplements.

Benefits of energy supplements

They are healthier

Energy supplements are healthier compared to traditional energy boosters. Let’s take, for instance; people prefer to take coffee as an energy boost. Well, it will improve your focus, but the results won’t last long. You might even start feeling uncomfortable after some time. Unpleasant crashes might be experienced too. Apart from the disadvantages above, the drinks are filled with sugar and additives. All these are not needed in your diet. Energy supplements on the other hand act as an amazing source of sustained energy and is good for your entire body health.

Alternative nutrients

Supplements provide your body with important nutrients that cannot be found in your diet. Experts say that supplements are loaded with vitamins and nutrients that are available in natural foods. The good thing with supplements in the market today is that they are filled with natural supplements. Vegetarians and vegans benefit more from these supplements because they will get the nutrients they never get from foods they do not eat. Individuals who do not take dairy products lack important nutrients like B12. To meet the deficiency, they should take energy supplements.

Stress and anxiety

Supplements play a big role in dealing with anxiety and stress. Psychological problems are prevalent in today’s world. If you often suffer stress, we recommend that you take energy supplements. Pantothenic acid a special compound that helps reduce tiredness, stress, and fatigue is found in energy supplements.

General health

If you have been on the search for something to improve your overall health, energy supplements are what you have been missing. The products are made of different compounds that efficiently improve your health. For example, folic acid helps to prevent negative modifications in your DNA. This way, chances of getting cancer are reduced by a great percentage. Niacin a product found in supplements improves the heart health. It reduces cholesterol levels in the body as well. Thiamine makes your nervous system, muscles, and heart stronger. With all the discussed benefits, consider taking supplements for better health.


Career Workers

Throughout my childhood, I was surrounded by “career workers”, people who had one job and they would be with that company for their entire working career. My parents were both college graduates, both had successful careers, my father graduated with one of the first computer science degrees in the country, and took a job starting at $75K in the 1960′s working for a large company who did work for the government. He made great money, but worked 80+ hours a week, he was never home, and was very tired when he was home. While we lived a nice lifestyle, I wanted more, I saw how hard my dad worked, and saved only to live a life that deprived him of his “life”. This was not what I wanted my life to be; this was not a welcomed idea, especially among my parents.