Insider Tips for Those Using Audible

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If you are an audiobook enthusiast, Audible is just what you need. Within are a huge assortment of books delivered with great perks. You can venture to any location without having to worry over unnecessary interruptions. If you love the format, one of these audiobooks might be convincing. Here are some audible tips and tricks that will ensure you get your investments worth.

Save Money with the Silver Plan

The main plan championed by Audible is the Gold-plan. It costs 15 dollars per month, throws in a single book credit while discounting the other. A first-timer will consider the 15 dollar subscription to be quite substantial until they get the real savings benefits when compiled over a year. If you find the price tag too hefty, opt for the silver plan. The Silver-plan is not advertised directly like the Gold-plan, so you must contact customer care for more details.

Ability to Return Books

Most market audiobooks, cost more than the 15 dollar credit you are entitled to once in a month. This means most people tend to consider it a waste if they arrive at something they do not like. Audible gives the reader the opportunity to return any book outside of their preferences. Any book bought within the past year can be returned. Audible limits this number depending on the number of books purchased. Books that are cheaper during sales can also be returned.

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Add Audible to Your Kindle Books

Using apps like WhisperSync you can synchronize Kindle and Audiobook. This helps the reader pick off where they left off, irrespective of the device in use. Alternatively, this is good for reading and listening. You can install Amazon Matchmaker to check which Kindle books are already in your collection after which you upgrade them into audiobooks. As for anyone browsing for books, Amazon has a section specifically dedicated to Whisper-Sync options.

Maintain an Eye out for Sales

Just like Kindle books you can find great audiobooks on sale. Among them are the regular two-for-one sales, single books among others. Sign up for bargains from the Daily Deal which will save you money. Audible also sends all users emails on top sale options. Other sales run by Audible are listener reward dales which show up occasionally.

Hold up Your Membership

Those with monthly memberships can hold up their subscriptions to three months. This can be done once every year. Alternatively, this is great for those who have not been listening to audiobooks for a while. With your account on hold, you can still buy other books or redeem your credits.

However, you will not be able to accrue new credits. In that regard, if a great sale pops up, take advantage of the situation while saving extra cash. Audible has a customer care team that puts their membership on hold. Others report seeing this option when they cancel their memberships.


Free Channel Listens

Audible has a curated list of audio stories you can listen to with Prime. To see what’s in store, download the Audible app and go to channels.