Kids and Teens

Finding the right toy for a baby might be a real struggle for an individual without the knowledge and experience in these things. Babies either infants or toddlers have different toy choices mostly depending on age, but there is one toy that is never outgrown, it is the soft cuddly toy. It can be used by adults as well. We will discuss how different toys match the playing need of children at different stages. Read on for more details

How to choose the right toys

0-12 months

When a baby arrives in the new world, all they do is observe the surroundings and people around them with all five senses. Bright toys are needed at this age due to the blurry vision of the newborns. Ensure that you get the softest of all toys at this stage as well due to their sensitive skin. The cuddly feel helps the baby fall asleep because they feel like someone is lying beside them.

1-2 years

At this age, kids are learning the language of the new environment. They are looking for a playmate, someone they can fantasize, talk to and play all the time. They are not yet mature for serious toys; they just want to secure a favorite play buddy.

2-3 years

By now they are imitating the behavior and movements of people around them. They will try to repeat everything done or said around them. They want someone who is better than the teddy bear or Chaddi friend. They play with the soft cuddly toys like a real-life friend. You will see them protect their bear from the outworld damages.

4-5 years

At this age, get your little one toys that trigger learning. They have already gone to school. Hence they need toys which will act as virtual friends. They need virtual classmates, virtual guests in their imaginary house, virtual patients in their imagery hospital, virtual customers in their imaginary shop and much more. You will find them talking themselves most of the time. It is okay at this age.

6-7 years

By now kids are being influenced by peers and teachers. You will notice that they are trying to do something they saw their teacher or best friend do. This is a healthy way of letting out their emotions and feelings.

Eight years plus

Even with adult hobbies and interests, they cannot defeat the love and passion for soft toys. They will make their silent toy best friends and tell them their secrets. The soft, cute doll is worth all the trust; they have been playing with it since childhood.