The Importance of Wash Enclosures


These days, renting space has become all the more expensive. Plants that need a considerable space are doing all they can to optimize the space that they have. One of the ways of doing this is customizing the space that they already have to do more than just one job. For those in the powder coating industry, they understand the hassle going through several stages before the job is completed.


Traditionally all these jobs would have different compartments for each stage. With the need to capitalize on the space available, these companies have come up with ingenious methods to ensure that each compartment does more than just one task. The traditional methods made use of the linear kind of plants that are connected with conveyor belts. The new plants make use of multistage washers where one stage will be customized to maybe scrap of the old coat then after which the item is the cleaned in the same compartment.

Instead of having fixed parts, you have those that can be easily disconnected, and new parts added so that they can do the next job in line. Anyone thinking of setting power coating plant should seriously consider having the multi-stage washers to capitalize on human labor, space, and time. These are some essential resources that when properly utilized could push your revenue even higher.

These wash enclosure work best with pressure washers or the wand steam generators. Parts are rolled in manually on carts, treated then moved to the next stage. These enclosures are usually best suited for cleaning then phosphatizing the parts as well as decreasing them in readiness for the powder coating stage. The enclosures have stainless steel doors that are vented as well as stainless abatement fans to clear out vapor. All these must be NEMA rated enclosures to ensure that they are environmentally friendly.

Depending on the size of your plant, you may also consider getting a capture tank that will best fit in your plant. These are usually mounted above the ground or on the shop floor; these tanks have a drainage system and a retractable grating to be used as a walking surface. It is good to match every wash enclosure with its own capture tank for maximum performance.

The above are some of the ways to make your power coating plant more efficient. All you need to actualize this is getting a technician who is well versed in the concept of manual wash enclosure so that they can transform your linear washing plant into a more effective multi-stage washer. It is also good you buy the parts from a reputable company to ensure you get nothing short of quality parts.

Doing this will boost the profitability of your business as well as ensure you make great returns on your investment without having to incur more money in renting or buying other spaces.