Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Best Luggage and Suitcase


Have you been thinking of traveling lately? Nothing is beautiful like successfully planning for that your trip. The thoughts of packing that suitcase and what to carry with you linger in your mind, especially if you are new to this kind of trips. Being a beginner, it really takes time to plan well for what you need to carry for a specific trip. It is, therefore, important to think about choosing the best suitcase from 10 best selling luggage brands. Let us shine some light on different things to consider while choosing the best luggage and suitcase for your day.

Type of trip

LuggageWhat trip will you be taking? Are you out for adventure, business trip or what trip is it? Definitely, various trips will have different demands on the type of luggage you need to carry. The kind of suitcase or bag you need will also vary. For instance, taking a business trip to the hot tropical areas is different from taking one to the North Pole areas. Therefore, it’s important to know where you are traveling to and what kind of activity you will be doing to avoid carrying the wrong luggage.

Choosing the suitable suitcase

Suitcases are classified by the type of materials they are made of; either soft side luggage or hard side luggage. Hardside luggage types are made of hard materials and are good at carrying fragile materials and keeping your clothes in shape than the softsided ones. They are a bit heavier and wouldn’t be the best choice for carrying gifts after a trip as they may pass the weight limit at the plane.

They are suitable when traveling light and on professional work. Soft-sided ones are made of lighter materials and suitable for more rough travel. Though they are not the best for fragile materials, they have more pockets to put extra things during travel, they offer less risk at the airport as they can resist rough storage and weight. This is because they are flexible. Thus, they are suitable for most travels. A good handle with suitable height and good wheels to roll on is also required.

The Airline you will use

airlineDifferent airlines handle different luggage capacities. They also charge differently depending on their weight. Also, their planes have different sizes of overhead compartments, which will determine the size of suitcase enough for this area. It is important then to get this information before you travel so that you don’t get caught in the unexpected.

Pack right

Most beginners face difficulty in packing, yet, this knowledge lets you know how much you need Thus, the type and size of the case. Remember, a bigger bag may take more. Also, packing well involves fitting every space and remembering you will need space for your toiletries is key. Keep them in one pack so that you will pick them without forgetting any of them. Finally, don’t carry what you “might need”. Most of the times, you will never use it.